Here you can find all the 1,000 comments people wrote in the online petition that helped saving Zum Schneider from eviction.

I would HATE for such a neighborhood "one of a kind" hotspot to be at all questioned or forced to leave. This establishment welcomes the young and old, the free-spirits, the tourists, the artists and entire culture that make the East Village what it is today! I mean, where else can a white gay guy dance on a bar with beautiful German girls half naked?

„Rettet das Bier!“ What does the landlord want? A return to the old Alphabet City? Zum Schneider is an irreplaceable community resource! Losing it would be a tragedy and a blow to the neighborhood.

A bavarian paradise in NYC..

A delightful oasis in the East Village.

a delightful place to get together with friends

a fantastic place to relax

A fun clean and respectful establishment

A fun safe social spot in the neighborhood and a favorite attraction in the East Village for international guests visiting NYC. New York would be weaker without it!

A Great Community Place.

A great German restaurant - wonderful beer garden full of international charm. Please don't let it be evicted!!!

A great neighborhood bar and the best German food in NY

A great neighborhood institution!

A great neighborhood place. Would be tragic to lose it.

a great place to enjoy your East Village friends

A great place to have in the neighborhood! It seems the landlord just wants more rent as the area is being redeveloped...

A Landmark

A must when visiting NYC!

A nice quite place where you can bring your mother.

A piece of home in the big apple

A place like home away from home.

a place taken for granted. zum schneider, among others, have had their hand in the reshaping of this neighborhood.

A respectful and kind establishment that brings delightful visitors to the neighborhood. If only every bar were as delightful...

A showpiece of German hospitality!

A true gem!

A truly valuable addition to the NY experience in general and a wonderful part of the NY nightlife in specific.

A unique meeting place of different cultures, backgrounds and styles in this ever-changing neighborhood...seria una tragedia perderla

A unique spot that deserves to stay!

a very civilized institution which deserves credit for helping revitalize a moribund neighborhood. Give credit where it is due!

A vital piece of the NYC social scene, and Alp. City

A warm-hearted refuge for New Yorkers!

A wonderful establishment that embodies the American dream built from scratch and successful. Please do not allow this. It would be a disgrace.

A wonderful NYC establishment for many good people.

A wonderful place and a great addition to the neighborhood and New York night life and restaurant scene

A wonderful place that would be greatly missed.

A wonderful, responsible restaurant.

A wonderful, wonderful New York institution. I love to bring my family there (quite often in fact). Please help save this wonderful neighborhood spot.

a worthwhile German cultural institution

Absolutely the best thing to have happened for the Lower East Side and for German food lovers.

Always a pleasure while visiting New York.

always look forward to a meal at the zum's when i visit the city.

Always very considerate and clean; never noisey

Amazing place, injustice to evict!

an amzing contributor to the community of alphabet city and cultural ambassadors from Germany

An anchor of the neighborhood!!!

An authentic German beer hall with excellent beer and comradre.

an e. village institution!

an early Ave C pioneer! figures that the yuppie scum landlord wants to toss him! shame on the non beer enjoying dirt bag!

An East Village staple!

An excellent restaurant that makes NYC a more unique place

As a former resident of East 7th Street and a frequent visitor of the City I am appalled at the possible eviction. The resaurant/bar serves a great purpose in the community and should remain. Perhaps the co-op werent around when Avenue C was the wild west and if you wanted smack or crack you were in the right place. However if you wanted anything esle good luck.

As a German citizen having lived in the US for almost 10 years, I love the restaurant "Zum Schneider", which always made a trip into NYC worth while even when coming all the way from CT. A great place we do NOT want to miss.

as a german I always look forward to visit this special german restaurant on my visits to the city. The food is exceptional, the atmosphere of the place unique and a great meeting place for the entire neighbourhood

As a German-American I would be very upset if this New York institution were to be shut down.

As a Germanist scholar in the city I cherish ZUM SCHNEIDER as a unique, irreplaceable institution, one of the very few places to have an authentic German culinary experience; where will New Yorkers get their Jever?

as a neighborhood resident for over 15 years and as a beer lover I welcomed Zum Schneider when it arrived and I would hate to see it go

As a neighbour (but never a patron) of Zum Schneider, I feel compelled to express my support for them. This is a bar who's owners have the UTMOST respect for the fact that this is a residential neighborhood. My front door is right next to the outside patio area and not once, in a year of living here have I ever experienced a "blocked entranceway", "excessive noise". This place is run with stereotypical - and much welcomed - German efficiency and it seems very clear that now that this bar has played a huge part in the revitalization of this block, they are being kicked out because the landlords think they can get more money for the space. They should be stopped - their claim that Zum Schneider is breaking the rules is simply not true. I haven't even been in the place and I am outraged at this strong arm tactic by the Housing Development Fund Corp. They should be stopped by someone who can see the unfairness and dishonesty this eviction case is founded upon.

As a patron and working for the lower east side, this important gathering point should be protected.

As a patron of Zum Schneider, I would hate to see it go. It is the one German "Kneipe" in New York that feels authentic and not like a Disney version of Bavaria.

As an officer of the court, subterfuges undermine the public's confidence in our legal system.

awesome place..quaint, comfortable, rustic...a perfect chilling spot..

Bavarians have to support each other!

been to munich and this is the closest to it!!!! it is the best!!!

Being from Munich, I NEED Zum Schneider for not getting too home sick! Please keep Bavaria in NYC!

Being German this is home away from home. Great food, lovely ambiente and the friendliest owner and staff there is it in the City. It's like "where everybody knows your name"....The Eastvillage and the City can NOT lose this place!!!

Belongs to the inventory of Ave C

Best authentic German beers/food in NYC

Best bar on avenue C by far!!!!

Best Beer, best food !!!

Best Brat Ever, we can't lose you

Best brats in town

Best German beer list in NYC. I go about 6 times a year.

best german beers in the city

Best German establishment in NYC

best German restaurant in NYC!

best hefeweizens!

Best one in New York!

Best Place in Manhattan- & tourists from around the world keep coming back


best spring and summer spot in city

Best Weisswurst this side of the Atlantic! Prost

Bitte nicht schliessen!! Closing "Zum Schneider" would mean a big loss for alphabet city, not only great german (well, bavarian) food, but also beer, and ambiente.

Bratwurst muss et immer geben.

Budweiser sucks.

Cant lose this landmark for German Foos

Close this place!? Terrible idea.

Closing Schneider's would be a catastrophe for the civilized world...

Closing Zum Schneider will reverse the capital infow and gentrification of the East Villiage. Do so, and lose your next election.

closing Zum Schneider would truly be a shame.

couldn't bear to see it go

damn man, thats the only place for good german beer!

Despite the pink fuzzy tree decor...drink more beer.

Deutsche Kultur muss bleiben!

Deutsche Landsleute brauchen eine Anlaufstelle in New York

Do not allow elitists to destroy neighborhood commerce!

Do not allow this eviction. It is being based on completely false pretenses. The edge of the outside patio area of Zum Schneider is kept well clear - and sectioned off - from the two entranceways it backs up to - the entrance to the aprtment building above it, and to my front door at 111 Avenue C. These owners are role model bar owners - they play so strictly by the rules that sometimes it seems too good to be true. I am not a customer of the bar but I am very grateful for the fact that they are there. They bring good people and good times to the block without encroaching on the quality of life of their neighbours. Please let them stay.


Do not close this wonderful place! It is an incredible enrichment to the culture of NY.

Do not let greed destroy yet another of the most important East Village cultural and culinary establishments. By removing Zum Schneider, you are in effect removing a large part of the diversity and history of the area; where would New York City be without either? As residents of the area, we trust that you will make the right decision.

do not take zum schneider from us

Do we really need another GAP or Banana Republic in the city? I think not... let this place remain where it is.

Don`t close Zum Schneider, please.

don`t take it away from us !!

don't allow our neighborhood to lose local establishments such as Zum Schneider

Don't close the ZUM!!!

don't close this german original - it's become part of our new york going out landscape!

Don't close this place!

Don't close Zum Schneider - it's a landmark!

Don't do that! Zum Schneider is very important for the German Community as well for all the others

don't even think about it

Don't Evict

Don't evict the Biergarten!


don't evict them pleeeease!

Don't evict Zum Schneider!!!

Don't evict!!!


Don't kill one of the best places in New York

Don't let Zum Schneider die!!!

don't ruin the neighborhood

dont shut this place...its one of the best bars in new york and a great place to spend the evening

Don't take away a wonderful beer garden...It is unquie and wonderful place

Don't take away my Germany!

Don't take the culture out of NYC

Enough with Evicting People for Greed Already!

Even though I am not from Bavaria, but from the north of Germany, I can't tolerate this loss of teutonic culture. Please, let it stay!

Ever since I left NY I've been looking forward to my next visit, and I assure you: Zum Schneider is always on my itinerary.

Every time I visit NY, I go to Zum Schneider and have a great time. I would be sad to see it go.

Everyone loves this place!

Evict one of the rare popular representations of German heritage in NY?!

Evicting Zum Schneider is a terrible idea. It has become a neighborhood institution that I regularly enjoyed as a local and now enjoy during each monthly visit back to New York. It is a wonderful place where you can sit outside on a beautiful day and relax with friends and family, where tiny children, octogenarians, and everyone in between can have a wonderful time. Please do not shut Zum Scheider down!

Eviction is unthinkable. Niemals!

Exceptional and Unique restaurant would be a tragic loss to the neighborhood

Fabulous restaurant and great anchor in the neighborhood

faithful patron! Must not close this place!

fantastic place; great for neighborhood!

Fight the Landlord!

For me personally, Zum Schneider is a Godsend, a place where I can truly enjoy being German (and even more so, being Bavarian). I never dreamed there would ever be such a place here in New York that would bring me so much joy. But ultimately, Zum Schneider is much, much more than that. Mayor David Dinkins often talked about the "gorgeous mosaic" that is New York: the wonderful vision of seeing people of the many different ethnic groups of this city coming together in peace and in joy. Nothing represents this better than a vast mix of people from a vast mix of ethnic groups coming together in a truly ethnic setting, to laugh, sing and bring joy to one another. That is New York at its best. And ultimately, that is what Zum Schneider is all about.

former resident of NY - love the place

Frequent customer

frequent visitor at least 6 times a year

frequent visitor at Zum Schneider

Friend of Zum Schneider

From a life-long NYC resident, Zum Schneider is treasure!

Fun friendly environment

Geili beiz... darf nid schliesse!!

Gimme a break...let it stand...obviously the neighborhood wants it...

Go Germany & Save Zum Schneider

good family place

Good food, original idea, great place - don't kill off NY's culture

Got engaged there can't close

Gott im Himmel! God save this blessed bar.


great german food and very neighberhoody

Great Guesthouse. Have seen a film about it made for german television.

Great Neighborhood Restaurant

great patrons, great atmosphere, great beer, would hate to lose it.

great place - and so German, and much better than all these damned fast food / franchise restaurants with no style or atmosphere at all

Great place good food & good beer and a fun time.

Great place to celebrate German traditions

Great place to come also for tourists, visiting N.Y.! I go there every time I come to New York!!!

great place to gather

Great place, Good neighbor.


Great place: food, beers and ambiance.

Great placer - keep it alive!

Great restaurant and a great German/Bavaian ambience that would be a pity to lose.

Great restaurant, important part of keeping NY's diversity...

Great restaurant, would be a shame for NYC to lose this.

Great to get your German beer fix

Great/unique/friendly neighborhood establishment, hope the situation can be resolved

grew up in NY, visit frequently


Have been a patron since its opening - ZS has added something unique not only to the development of Alphabet City and the LES, but to NYC.

Have been going to Schneider for years. Would be a pity and a shame to terminate its existence!!!

hell no, we won't go!!!


hot legs


How could one close a place that brings solely joy to everyone? Please don't!

How dare you!!! Leave the East Village and Zum Schneider alone!

how will i go on without this fine establishment - open - ready to offer me giant beers and delicious sausages with even more delicious sides, like mashed potatoes and sauerkraut???

I always enjoyed my visits to this restaurant during my 3 years in NY/NJ.

i am a patron and support this business.

I am a regular visitor, when I am in New York. Me and many of my colleagues would deeply regret the eviction of Zum Schneider. This is the ONLY place in NY where you find GOOD BEER and decent German food.

I am a tenant association member of a tenant interim lease (TIL) HDFC building in the East Village and I am aware of how these Tenant association by laws and policies work with individuals practicing favortism, nepotism, corruption and the like with abusive commities, individuals etc. I support zum schneider as being a valuable positive contribution to the neighborhood and hope that there is some organization that can intervene on behalf of the commercial tenant and not the greedy board members whom authority given to them by the city has possibly made them corrupt.

i am from germany living in ny and zum schneider always makes me feel better when i get homesick they can't just kick them out!

i am on my way their now to meet my brother

I am so sick of landlords' greed destroying my once unique neighborhood.

I associate that place with Alphabet City.

I believe the place is being railroaded by the landlord. The owner is a responsible person and is very conscientious.

I come from Westchester to Zum Scneider for dinner at least 3 times a year. Great restarant, and good people. A travesty to target a bar / restaraunt as special as this, especially when there are bars on every block in NYC.

I do own a German Restaurant myself and know how hard it is to stay in business and - to deal with a landlord. But anyway, Zum Schneider is my most favorite Restaurant in NYC. Everytime I visit the City I have to see Sylvester and enjoy his great place!! Don't let this place go down!!!

I fully support Zum Schneider and urge that the restaurant and cafe be permitted to operate for many years to come.

I had my bachelor party here. It's a NYC institution!

I hate to see a business " go out of business" but do any of the patrons who frequent this establishment actually live above or near this place? Sure, it's all fine and good to eat, drink, and make merry - but then you can go home and get a decent night's sleep!

I have always loved this restaurant since they have just started their business. They are very respectable place and I don't see any point of having to eliminate this precious foundation.

i have been a long term patron of zum schider and it has helped revitalize the nieghborhood. the clientel are consistenly upbeat and behaved, and it is run with the utmost of responsibility.

I have been going to Zum Schneider since soon after it opened. The restaurant has been a positive influence on Avenue C, providing hospitality and a sense of community to a neighborhood that needs it. Sylvester Schneider has been a responsible business owner and should be allowed to continue.

I have frequented the restaurant since it opened and consider it one of the cleanest, quietest, most conscientious and, as a result, successful restaurants on the Lower East Side. It would be a disservice to the community to evict such a cherished establishment.

I have lived in the East Village for 15 years � this area used to dangerous. Thanks to Zum Schneider the neighborhood has changed for the better. Zum Schneider adds to the East Village�s sense of place and being. Zum Schneider has improved the area.

I have lived in the neighborhood for fifteen years, and have frequented Zum Schneider since its beginning. It's a great social and cultural spot. It's also one of very few German restaurants in Manhattan. It is a unique and valuable component of the East Village.

I have often visited new york city from my home in new jersey simply to go to zum schneider, to close it would be ridiculous short-sightedness on behalf of the landlord.

I just love the place!!! do not close it down!!!

i know i am not living in the neighborhood,but i am a regular anyways..does that not show enough dedication..i love the's my favorite place and it's my home away from don't,don't take that away from me and my fellow germans..we need that..

I like this awesome place, where I can enjoy the nice beer and German food. I really having a good time in such nice place, please keep it alive.

I live here for more than 20 years and when Schneider arrived it immediately became a mecca for conoisseurs. Since then it has become an institution and part of my negihborhood. Don't let Zum Schneider become another victim like the Second Ave Deli!

I live in central NJ and visit Zum Schneider regularly. It's a valuable contributor to its neighborhood!

I live in Chicago, but every time I have visited NYC for the last 4 years, I have made a stop at this amazing pub! Please keep Zum Schneider OPEN!

I live in the neighborhood, i welcomed Zum Schneider into it

I live just up the street and Zum Schneider is no disturbance at all. I enjoy having it there. It is a neighborhood institution.

I lived across the street when the first opened before the neighborhood changed. They should not be asked to leave. The esablishment is one of kind and should be allowed to stay.

I lived at 7th and C for many years - right beside Zum Schneider. It is a great institution and a positive contribution to the neighborhood.

I love " Zum Schneider " Please keep it open


I love New York City. I take advantage of all that it has to offer. I go to its resturaunt, its bars, its museums, its parks, its clubs, etc. I can honestly say, of all the places I go to in New York City. My favorite place, by far is Zum Schneider. My freinds and I have some of our greatest memories at Zum Schneider. This is not an overstatement. This is a fact !

I love that place, have a heart and keep it open!

I love the bar, it is a part of all my visits to NY and I can't imagine Manhattan without it

I love the ZUM SCHNEIDER as a place where, people from all over the world see, how the bavarians can party!

I love this cozy, friendly, neighborly place

I love this place so much!!!

I love this place, and love meeting friends and family there for its' great atmosphere and great people.

I love this place, don't take it from me...

I love this place, it would be a loss to not only the neighborhood but also to my group of friends. Zum's is a regular gathering place for us.

I love this place, its been there for years, dont close it!!

I love this place. It is the only place like it in NYC!!

I love this place. Very relaxing, "out of the LES norm" establishment. With all the changes taking place in the LES over the past 10 years, this is one of the few I actually love. It would be a sad day if ZS were to close.

I love this place. it's always full of happy people. It brings the community together. It's that one place on Ave. C that is always, any day any time, full of life.

I love this place... one of the few places to get good authentic German food!

I love this restaurant, it is the most dependable - fun - safe - friendly - clean part of this area!

I love weiss beer

I love Zum Schneider -- please don't further homogenize the neighborhood!

I love Zum Schneider! Great food and Beer!

i love Zum Schneider! i have my annual Easter brunch there.

I love Zum Schneider! Please don't close it.

I love Zum Schneider, and always look forward to their Karneval celebrations every year. They are a great part of the neighborhood.

I love Zum Schneider, Its loss would be horrible!

I love Zum Schneider. Its the best german bier garden in the city and the best place to watch the european and world cup matches, it would be very sad for me and all my friends to see it go as we allways have one of the greatest time of our life when we are there. Plus, they do sponsor my charity that help feed, dress and shelter 120 children a year! please don't let this wonderful peace of paradise close down:(

I love Zum Schneider. You can't evict them!

I LOVE ZUM Schnieder! Please stay open.

I love Zum!

I love Zums! It's part of the heart of neighborhood.

I LOVE ZUMSCHNEIDER. Regular customer for 2 years

I make the hour and a half schlep back into Manhattan just for the Zwiebelrostbraten and beer with friends. NYC can afford to lose this place.

I make the trek from Jersey often just to visit Zum Schneider's. It's a great spot!

I need Zum Schneider to meet my friends (don't close)

I often visit NYC and when I do I always visit Zum Schneider

I played bass in Sylvester's band. New York needs this bar

I really hope it will work. It is great to have a small part of Germany in that neighborhood

I stumbled upon Zum Schneider a few years back and instantly fell in love with the place. I have since moved out of state but always try to stop by whenever I am in town. It would be a great loss to New York.

I take my mother to Zum Schneider. This is a lovely warm place.

I think is a travesty, whats wrong this city, to close down great places. Is this a crusade against having a good time, this city should be ashamed, I am having the same issue with my bowling alley for the past 10 years in brooklyn. good luck, keep up the good fight. View my petition at

I think it's a mess to close the restaurant!

I travel to NYC often and I'm a regular patron and supporter.

I used to live on 7th b/w C & D and Zum Schneider was my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood

I used to live on 7th between C and D when Zum Schneider opened. I've recently moved to the west coast, but always visit when I return to NYC. Zum Schneider is young, but an Institution regardless.

I used to live on 9th street just around the corner from Zum Schneider. It is a great place and an enrichment for the neighborhood. I still come to visit even though I have moved away.

I visit NYC a couple times each year and look forward to a visit at Zum Schneider! It's unique!

I visit NYC once a week, and always include Zum Scneider in my visit. Do Not Evict it!! It is my favorite bar in New York.

I visited from out-of-town back in April, and Zum was a highlight! I think of it often and l look forward to coming back to NYC and hopefully eating there again. Great place!

I visited in April 2005 and enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere and ethnic foor and beer.

I want to know why.....its the best place in the neighborhood.....

I will be VERY VERY SAD if this doesn't work.

I will never forget!! Rutty

Ich bin ein Zumer

ich liebe dich

Ich liebe Zum Schneider

Ich liebe Zum Schneider.

I'd like to contribute to saving our 'german heritage' in the east village

If he pays his rent, do not evict. We want to keep him as an ethnic restaurant and bar.

If I can't have my Spanish cider, then I'll have my German beers at Zum's! Puxa Asturies & Zum Schneider!

If this place goes, I go.

i'm a former customer, but will be back for sure.

I'm a neighbor and I believe Zum Schneider has become a key neighborhood watering hole, which allows people in different buildings to get to know one another.

I'm a regular customer of Zum Schneider, and would like it to stay open at it's current location

I'm a regular patron at Zum Schneider and would hate to see it go.

I'm a resident of the neighborhood. My husband has lived here 10 years. When z.S. opened, we never thought it would survive due to it's location; the neighborhood, with the help of business' like zum Schneider, has improved tremendously. They should stay!

Im not a neighbor, but I frequent the bar often!! DONT CLOSE THE ZUM!!

I'm not a petition guy, but hearing about this has me fired up, so here I am. What kind of ill-intended operation tries to evict a Broadway show with a nightly packed house?! Assassins of alphabet village culture. This is ugly and wrong! Save this place!!

I'm tired of what these landlords can do here in NY

Important for the City's health to support pedestrian-friendly businesses

In full support of Zum Schneider

Indeed a valuable Cultural Institutions to German Immigrants and Americans who like to immerse themselves in German Culture and Language

It has been a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Why not extend the lease???

It is a cheery place and few of those remain.

It is a family friendly establishment that diversifies, enhances and culturally enriches the neighborhood. Please help Zum Schneider maintain its location.

It is a great well run place

It is a neighborhood institution!

It is an "American Success Story", PLEASE DO NOT DESTROY IT!

It is an asset to the neighborhood.

it is just a wonderful place...

It is retaurants like Zum Schneider that give neighborhoods in New York City their charm. Please don't take that away.

it was a run down nothing !&he created something from the getto&now want to evict?l

It was always my second home!

It will be travesty among all New Yorkers if Zum Schneider Closes!

It would be a loss to the community to lose this restaurant

It would be a great loss for the neighborhood for Zum Schneider to have to leave.

It would be a great shame to close this neighborhood place!

It would be a mistake to close down a restaurant with such culture. Having lived in Germany this is truly an escape and a wonderful place

It would be a real shame if greed takes is what is driving the so - called progress in this city. Keep the restaurant open!

It would be a shame if one of the institutions, that turned Alphabet City into a beautiful neighbourhood, where people want to go out, had to close because of a closed minded landlord, who doesn't seem to understand the value of this fantastic restaurant. However, he was always smiles, to snug a beer for free.

It would be a shame to lose this bar!

It would be a terrible shame to see one of the few locations with authentic German food disappear!

It would be awful if this place closed. There's nowhere else like it in the city.

It would be nice to have some support for small business and the little people in this NY which is becoming more and more homogenized. Scheider was there

It would be very sad to be without the Zum

It wouldn't be a trip to NYC without a visit to Zum Schneider !

Its a classic!

It's a great place!

It's a great place... Let it stay!

it's a landmark!

It's a must stop whenever I visit NewYork

It's a piece of home away from home - don't close this restaurant!

It's a staple of Ave. C Don't let it be shut down

It's a wonderful place filled with the hearts of it's loyal saff. The "Zum Schneider" is a little little piece of home and comfort to many customers and should certainly stay open.

its a wonderful place that enhances the lower east side

It's an institution, not a restaurant. Would make the East village an attraction poorer. Although i live now on the upper west side, I still come down just to enjoy the atmosphere

Its my home, don't take it away

It's such a great place to visit! We love the Zum!

It's terrible how NYC is driving out the "locals" and "regular people".

It's the East Village - if you don't like the noise, move uptown!

It's where I met my wife

I've been going here for almost 4 years, and it's been a wonderful, homey place that's unique in the city. While I don't live in the neighborhood, I'm friends with many people who are and who consider Zum to be an asset to the neighborhood.

I've been going to Zum Schneider since it opened - it's the most authentic and fun German restaurant in NYC, and a valuable part of the vibrant and diverse culture of the East Village - my neighborhood.

I've enjoyed visiting Zum Schneider when I come to New York. It would be a shame to lose it.

I've lived in the neighborhood for almost 5 years and Zum Schneider has been a joy to have around.

Just don't exactly understand why they have to move out

Just say Nein to eviction!

Keep "Zum Schneider"

Keep German New York alive!

Keep Hope Alive!

Keep it open and maintain the German culture in the Alphabet City

keep the awesome german brews going

Keep the heritage of old Kleindeutschland alive

Keep the most authentic european Beergarden of New York City!!!

Keep the restaurant! I have visited z.Schneider for years and it is part of NYC. Preserve this resaurant, preserve it's character. Ich wuensche euch VIEL GLUECK!!!

keep the schneider alive

Keep the viener sntizels and Heffe Weisen!

Keep the ZUM

Keep this quality place open!

keep this restaurant open

Keep Zum Schneider Around!

Kultur muß sein

Landlords suck

Lang lebe die Weisswurst!

lassen wir uns doch bleiben!

Lasst uns die paar deutschen Restaurants!

leave some german culture in NYC

leave this great place alone, where else can i go???

Leave us alone.

Let the restaurant stay where it is please!

Let these people stay.

Let Zum live!

Let Zum stay!! Let Zum stay!!!

Let´s say it in some easy understanding words from the BEASTIE BOYS: "Fight for your right to party at "Zum Schneider"!!!"

let's keep the East Village alive!

Life without 'Zum Scheider'?

Long live ZS

Losing Zum Schneider would be a catastrophe of ancient proportions!

Love the place. It's good fun.

Love the schnitzel

love this place! please stay!

Love this place!! Please don't evict!!

love this restaurant, really makes the neighborhood

love zum schneider

Loved the restuarant. Unique, fun. It makes NYC the better for it.


Most wonderful place to hang out in

My Favorit Family Resturant!!! We take our young boys (5 and 7) at least once a week.

My favorite place in the city. Celebrating my birthday there on Saturday. This place has a great mix of people, is very laid back, and I have never seen anyone cause trouble in the many times I've been there. This kind of place is exactly why I live in New York. If I wanted chain stores I would live in the suburbs. It is total B.S. to close Zum Schneider.

My favorite restaurant in NYC. We hold a company outing here each June.

my favorite spot for summer relaxation in the city

My Fiance LOVES this place, like home. He's from Germany.

My friends and I have been going for years

My friends and I love Zum Schneider!

my husband says Zum Schneider has the best brezn in the city

My place, when visiting NYC

Neighborhood needs this unique institution

Nein! Das ist die Grossartigste Kneipe!

New York as the melting pot should keep its international diverse character alive

New York City needs to start standing up for the businesses and people that give it character or else the City will turn into another faceless, bland American city. If that's the case, then the powers that be will be to blame for the inevitable real estate crash that will be coming.

new york is losing its contemporary cultural landmarks. this is one of them. it would be a loss to the reputation of this international city to lose an establishment that provides a unique and special service to the community of loisaida.

New York needs unique places like Zum Schneider to keep it fresh and original. No more playgrounds for the rich!

nice attraction for visitors not only from germany

No more chains in the EV!

No trip to NYC would be complete without a BIG night at Zum!

No Vay, tze bah is an institushion!!

No way! Don't evict Zum Schneider... it's part of what makes New York, New York

non-resident but frequent visitor to New York and Zum Schneider - I will be heart broken if this wonderful establishment is not there next time I visit!

nooooooo, zum schneider mussssssst stay!!!!

Not enough good German restaurants in the city. Don't let this one go!

Nothing beats Oktoberfest at the Zum

Nothing beats ZUM. It's the best place on Ave C.

nothing else comes close to Schneider in the city

NY needs this restaurant/bar

NYC continues to loose it's character as fine establishments like this are chased out and replaced with generic chains.

NYC must keep its soul and its soul is in places like this.

NYC needs the cultural diversity restaurants like Zum Schneider provide. This would be a heavy loss for the german population of NYC amidst a glut of mexican and asian restaurants.

One good reason I visit N.Y.C.

One of a kind! Don't touch it, please!

one of my favorite brunch places in the city! and one of very few places to get such good beer - reissdorf kolsch!

One of my favorite places in NYC

One of my favorite restaurants. I tell every person I know who visits NYC to go there. They have to stay!

one of new yorks best

One of the best and most authentic "Biergarten" in NYC!

One of the best places to go in the neighborhood, unique food and atmosphere

one of the few real german restaurants

One of the few really good German restaurants/ bars in NYC

One of the main reasons I make the trek from New Jersey to the city.

One of the most quiet and clean bars in the East Village. It's also one of the few authentic German Beer Bars in the city - a cultural gem. It's unjust to kick them out!

Outrageous. Possibly the finest example of German culture in the city, and they're trying to take it all away. It's an outrage.

outstanding restaurant for casual conversation and making of new friends

patron for the hefeweizen

Patron for years, Zum Schneider has to stay to secure a very unique cultural space.

Patron of Zum Schneider that knows it revitalized the neighborhood when no other businesses would dare be there.

Places like Zum Schneider are what makes this, or any city.

Please allow the restaurant to continue to operate as it has been until now.

Please do not close down this great bavarian restaurant. This is the only place I know that serves really athentiv bavarian food. A home away from home!

Please do not close Zum Schneider. It's wholly unique and important to New York.

Please do not evict Zum Schneider. New York and New Yorkers needs more places like it as the culture of our city becomes more and more commercialized and commoditized. Please help maintain a piece of this city's diminishing unique character.

Please do not raze this cultural institution.

Please don't allow the eviction of Zum Schneider - from a loyal customer

Please don't close the only real German beer hall in NYC!!!! We love it!

PLEASE DON'T CLOSE! You guys are a cultural landmark of the East Village

Please don't have an overzealous landlord evict a local business merchant and local institution.

please don't sacrifice the city from such a great restaurant by raising the rent

please help reserve some of the remaining "character" and cultural spots on the lower east side.

Please keep culture alive in NYC

Please keep it open, it's such a great restaurant!

Please keep the german culture in NYC alive!

Please keep the wonderful indoor beergarden open! It is a true gem of Bavarian culture!

Please keep this awesome restaurant!

Please keep this establishment open

Please keep this institution of a tavern in its current place.

Please keep this little place of German Culture open. It has become home for the ones away from home.

please keep zum schneider. it's called progress... those people that want to live on the avenue c of the 1980s can move to the bronx. i hear it's quite nice there.

Please let it stay, this is cornerstone of a solid revival in this area.

Please let the restaurant stay!

Please preserve 'Zum Schneider'; a unique place in the more and more monotous landscape of New York City restaurants!

Please save a New York institution!

Please save the restaurant! I love this place!

Please save this NY institution!

Please save this worthy destination location, a jewel of fun and warmth in the East Village

Please save this.. it has meant something to my family for generations!!

Please work this out...this is a great place in a great space!

Please, help save Zum Schneider. It is my only Bavaria.

Pls don't kill the best German restaurant in the US...

Pls keep it.... it's a great place...

polka on

Poor idea to rid of this wonderful ethnic establishment!

Preserve our German speaking community!

pro civitas

raising rent ruins neighborhood diversity and the general aura of a cultural urban environment.

Recognize this business is now a landmark in the East Village.

Regular patron of Zum Schneider

Right after 9C broke gound on Ave Crime, Zum's came in and brought a great German Bar into the neighborhood. The whole reason I moved down there was to be walking distance to Zum's. But now typical New Yawk Greed has steeped in and is trying to force out the whole reason the area has become such a hotspot. I live right down the block and have down so for 4 years and do not mind the bar's presence. Keep Zum's, and stop Genericarization of NYC

Save authentic german "gasthaus" fair and preserve liveliness in the neighborhood


Save Bavarian culture!! New York needs it.

Save german beer garden

Save local establishments!

Save our beer garden! So many memories of Zum's & my favorite nyc neighborhood!

Save Schnieder -- it is a cultural landmark!

Save this 'cultural' is what makes NYC special!

save this special place!

SAVE ZUM - LL Just wants more rent

Save Zum Schneider and keep family fun affordable.

Save Zum Schneider! Best 'schnitzel this side of Neubeuern!

save zum schneider!! neighbohood establishment and a place that everyone loves!!!

Say it isn't so!! Keep Zums in the neighborhood!

Schneider is a must not only for us Germans!

Schneider is superb. NO to eviction!!

Schneider's is a neighborhood staple and a great alternative to the cookie-cuuter restaurants that are now cropping up all around Alphabet City. It would be a cultural loss to remove this positive neighborhood intitution.

Should cultural infusion being defused?

Should not be evicted - pls. take into account the bar's role in turning around the neighborhood

Simply reviewing the number of residents seen there at all hours of operation should be proof of Zum Sch. impact on the community, and what the community would lose with its departure. Perhaps a better solution could be found, and perhaps the community which servers and supplies that and future establishments could be included in an alternative solution.

So that is how NYC landlords treat someone who was the first to risk everything by investing in a crime-ridden area. Unbelievable.

spaten optimator

Support German culture! Please stop this eviction.

The " Zum Schneider" has made a very valuable contribution to rivive the previously dismal ABC City. His mixed clientele of many nationalities is a major factor in making New City a melting point of many cultures. In addition, it is one of the few remaining typical German eat, drink and entertainment establishments, which should be maintined to preserve ethnic food, drink and entertainment in the City.

The "real deal" - Zum Schneider adds the ultimate german flavor to NY!!

The best bar in NYC!!!!!!

the best bavarian restaurant outside of Bavaria

the best heringsalad in town

The best mustard in NYC!

The best Schnitzels in town!!

The Eastvillage needs places like Zum Schneider. Otherwise the neigborhood will eventually be like any other starbucks, dunkin donuts desert.

the food is wonderful, the people are nice, the place is amazing.. we love it! Please dont' take it away from us.

The friendly atmosphere and authentic food can't be found anywhere else in the city. It's my personal Hofbrauhaus right around the corner.

The loss of "Zum Schneider" would be more than sad...

The loss of this place would be a disaster.

The loss of Zum Schneider would be just another example of the integral part of NYC's cultural fabric just fading to dust. We can't see it fall like all the others (ie. CBgb)

The loss of Zum Schneider would be terrible for the German community in NYC. Please preserve it for the sake of the city's diversity!

The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of a few

The neighbor would never be where it is today if it were not for Zum Schneider!

The neighborhood around Avenue C and 7th Street used to be one of the worst and most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City. Zum Schneider was part of the vanguard of new upscale businesses that helped to change this part of the lower east side. I am a big heathy man, and am not afraid of too many things, but I used to be afraid to walk alone in this neighbohood at night, but not anymore. If you want to drive out the businesses that helped to make this change, I guess you must have a good reason for it; but I can't imagine what that reason would be.

The neighborhood around Avenue C and 7th Street used to be one of the worst and most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City. Zum Schneider was part of the vanguard of new upscale businesses that helped to change this part of the lower east side. I am a big heathy man, and am not afraid of too many things, but I used to be afraid to walk alone in this neighbohood at night, but not anymore. If you want to drive out the businesses that helped to make this change, I guess you must have a good reason for it; but I can't imagine what that reason would be.

The neighborhood needs Zum Schneider's!

The only unique German restaurant in town ! Ongoing Patron

The Place to go to if you are home sick! It is like cutting off one of my leggs! Let it stay!!!

The Schneider has served to clean up the neighborhood. Much more than the H.D.F.C. can boast. Let it be!

The Schneider must stay!!!

The steins of beer are so big, this fish could use them as an aquarium

The Yuppies drive me nuts, but the beer is great.

the Zum must remain open!!!

The Zum Schneider bar is an integral part of the East Village community. It brings together people from all walks of life.

The Zum Schneider is a great place for people to meet and hang out and meet different cultures. It would be a shame to lose it.

Their eviction would be an absolute shame to the local neighborhood

There are fewer German restaurants in NYC. We can't afford to lose another one

There are not enough German restaurants anymore. Everything is about making a quick dollar.

There are so very few German restaurants in NY, please leave it as is!

There aren't many german restaurants in nyc..don't get rid of this one of three.

There is no need to evict a restaurant that has been a worthwhile and well respected institution of its neighborhood for the past 5.5 years.

there is no other place in the city we love to hang out in more than Zum Schneider's!

There is no place like Zum Schneider. It is the happiest place in New York.

There is no reason to evict this Biergarten, it is a great place.

There's no place else like it.

These kind of restaurant is the breath of new york city. NYC will lose a lot of visitors when they don´t take care of these kind of restaurants. these is a mature point of differents to al the other citys in the world a very much alive open neighborehood for all nations.

This bar is a major asset to the LES. It brings us together with good food, drink and song. Shutting it down would be a huge loss for this community.

This business has been crucial to the revival and development of the neighborhood.

this establishment is a great and necessary addition to that part of the NYC neighborhood!

This establishment is a vibrant hub of culture and a blessing to any community. May it live on for a thousand years to come.

This establishment is of great importance to the German-American population in and around New York.

This establishment, which is such a focal point of the neighborhood, is never obtrusive, either visually or by noise.

This gem in the east village has to be saved

this german garden is such a wonderful spot.

This is a cultural cornerstone of Ave C

this is a fine establishment and should be around for a long time . Please reconsider

This is a great bar and has an authentic german feel.

This is a great East Village bar that I've spent many special occasions at, including my birthdays, promotion celebrations, and more. It would be a shame to see such a gem of a bar close its doors. The neighborhood's eclectic nature would only suffer with this restaurant's eviction.

This is a great kid friendly place. Very rare in Manhattan

This is a great neighborhood escape and known destination for tourists. It's cultural contribution aside, Zum Scheinder has attracted and now benefits many of the surrounding small businesses and adds revenue and jobs to the local community. How ironic that its success and contribution to the growing appeal of the neighborhood is rewarded with landlord opportunism. This would be a genuine loss to the community.

This is a great pioneer establishment in Alphabet City that has helped gentrify the area, and has the best beer & German food around. Save this restaurant!

This is a great place and asset to neighborhood

this is a great, civilized neighborhood meeting place

this is a historic pub - don't evict!!

This is a landmark and staple of the neighborhood.

This is a neighborhood institution that needs to be kept in place. I have been going there for many years now. The East Village just wouldn't be the same without it.

This is a one of a kind restaurant. Please keep it alive!

This is a quality of life issue. Please do not let one more greedy landlord destroy what makes our community great. We do not need another Starbucks. Thank you

this is a real neighborhood bar. it's part of that unique place. please dont take it away

This is a really authentic part of Germany in Manhattan. All the staff are German speaking and the food and beer is just as in Bavaria. Long may it continue in Manhattan

This is a ridiculous idea to evict this landmark

This is a transparent attempt to evict a good tenant who brings something special to the area. What a travesty!

This is a truly special establishment that captures the very essence of the Lower Eastside's multicultural hertiage we do not need another Starbucks or some such chain...please help keep NYC New York. We are fighting a losing battle and soon NYC will be like all other sterile cities.. help.

This is a well-run business that has respect for its customers and neighbors

This is a wonderful place, authentic, and a reminder in life of the old Klien Duetschland before the disaster of the Slocum. Keep Zum Schneider!

this is a wonderful restaurant that adds a lot of character to the neighborhood

This is a wonderful restraunt and meeting place. It offers New Yorkers and visitors a taste of the varied cultures that make up NYC. The staff and clientel are friendly and come from all walks of life to congregate in this unique and memorable environment. It would be a true loss to NYC for this business to be closed. It's fame and appeal spread across the atlantic. It has become a stopping point for many a tourist. This business has been a key and timely ingredient which has assisted in raising the quality of life in the neighborhood. It has been a draw for people to come to Avenue C and bring financial success to the area. Do not close Zum Schneider! It would be short sighted and reactionary, a decision without merit.

This is an incredibly valuable asset! I don't know of a more community-minded bar that also serves good beer and grub!

This is my favorite restuarant in nyc; my staple. Please do not shut it down!

This is my favorite spot in New York City. It is a wonderful place for friends to gather over good beer and fabulous food.

This IS my neighborhood "go-to"

This is not simply a restaurant, it's a cultural haven where we meet and define ourselves. There aren't many of them and even though we live in Brooklyn we work in NYC and hang here. So any thing you can do to let them remain will be deeply appreciatged in ways we cannot even name.

This is nothing but a veiled attempt to raise rents and shudder what has become an East Village anchor.

This is one of my favorite bar/restaurants in the city!

This is one of my favorite bars in the city, and no matter what I'm doing I always end up there.

this is one of my favorite ny restaurants- please don't kick them out!!

this is one of my top places to go. theres nothing better than sitting outside with a cold beer on a nice day at Zums.

This is one of the best bars in Manhattan. Go there and you will agree with me.

This is one of the best German places in the city if not one of the best places at all. It is home away from home and a prime example for New York's diversity. It would be a tremendous loss for the place to close. In addition to that, we need Zum Schneider for the upcoming Soccer World Cup to celebrate our next World Cup title!!!

This is one of the best places in the city. It would be a true loss for the place to close. Please let it remain.

This is one of the best restaurant/pubs in the city!

This is really a very nice place, don't make them leave!

This is simply a great restaurant and very entertaining! A cultural gem to NYC.

This is the best bar in the City filled only with good people. Please save them.

This is the best beer place in the city--please keep it open!!! You will shutter the hearts of too many fans if you close this place!

This is the best German restaurant in NYC, hands down. My mother is German, so I can attest to the authenticity of the food and drink, as well as the spirit of "Gemuetlichkeit", and hospitality that makes it a neighborhood institution

This is the best German restaurant in whole NYC!!! You can't close it!

This is the best place of my lifetime

This is the most authentic place lovers of Bavarian beer and cuisine could come to in NYC.

this is the only German restaurant with true Bavarian culture.It is a wonderful landmark and my favorite bar.

This is un-American!

This is where my family shares holidays together

this is wiggity wiggity whack

This landmark brings business to the outskirts of the east village!

this place does more for family culture in the hood than the Goethe Institut.

This place has by far the best selection of German beer and the best German bar food in the New York area. It would be a real shame and, quite frankly, a cultural loss to New York if they are evicted.

This place has the best schnitzel and should not be shut down for what it provides to NYC.

this place is a legend in its own time - closing it would be a true loss to the community!

This place is a neighborhood staple!

This place is a wonderful asset to the neighborhood.

This place is amazing!!!! Please do not take it away

This place is amazing, don't ever let it go.

this place is an institution and would be a real loss to the city

this place is fantastic! please don't evict.

this place is fantastic! please don't evict.

This place is great!! Please don't evict!!

This place is my home away from home. I and many others will snap if it is moved!!!!

This place is one of the last vestiges of cultural in what has become an urban sprawl of NYU dorms and luxury condos.

This place is the greatest. One of my most fond memories from NYC.

This place is the reason why I will visit New York.

This place is too good to be true.

This place is tradition! New York tradition!

This place is wonderful and I'm sure it makes enough to pay rent. Why close it?

This place was a pioneer in an area that has just begun to turn around. Shame on you for not renewing their lease. They are such a wonderful establishment!

this restaurant adds SO MUCH to that area. It helps the property value of the block having a popular restaurant, and attracts other businesses!!!

This restaurant feels like a home away from home - and it would be a great loss for so many people who come on a regular basis for the great food and conversation!

This restaurant has the best Oktoberfest in the city. Losing it would take away from one of the most important celebrations.

This restaurant has to live

This restaurant is a beloved treasure of this community

This restaurant is a critical component of the neighborhood's fabric! Please don't force it to move!

This restaurant is a wonderful family friendly place with real European charm. It's nice to have a place with this kind of warm atmosphere in the East Village that ISN"T a nightclub. Please leave it where it is!

This restaurant is beloved by the community and offers Germans and non-Germans alike a way to celebrate German culture through food.

This Restaurant is extremely important for the German community. Please save it!

this restaurant is important to the German-American community

This restaurant is the greatest place in NYC. I have never had less than a wonderful experience. Sylvester and his crew provide an entertaining, safe, and inviting atmosphere for all. There is no other place in NYC that provides the German cultural experience and relaxed, family atmosphere as Zum's. Places like Zum's who dare to open in an area like 7th and c that are questionable at best (espcially three to five years ago) should not be forced out due to gentrification (or whatever the reason is claimed by the landlord). Please keep Zum's alive!

This restaurant is the only reason I visit Avenue C.

This restaurant is the reason I moved the the East Village!

This restaurant needs to be saved. It is the only true authentic German bar in Manhattan and Long Island and contributes to the "Melting pot" New York City

This wonderful bar/eatery should not go.

This would be a great loss to the hood and the German-American community. Let Zum stay - BITTE!!!

This would be a major loss to the LES and diversity of the city!

This would be a terrible thing for the diminishing German Culture

this would be such a shame! a truely classic place already after a mere 5.5 years in business

To close Zum Schneider is criminal; great German beer and the only place in the city where I can practice my German/

To support the haxen eaters

too few german restaurants as it is

Too many great memories made here to shut it down - S.O.S.!

tremendously important for the German community and its American friends


Unique Inter-Cultural Institution

Unique place. Worth saving. Nuts to greedlords.

Unique place. Would be criminal to close it.

Unique. No other place like it in the whole State


urgently required place!!

Used to live on East 3rd and Ave. B

viel Glueck Sylvester!

Visit the place regularly...Great location, good food, great people!!

Viva La Zum

We can only dream of having a spot like Zum Schneider down in D.C. -- and THEY want to shut it down? That's nuts.

We do not need to see another Starbuck's!

We have our monthly Stammtisch at Zum Schneider. Loosing Zum Schneider would be a great loss to the german culture in New York.

We like Zum Schneider a lot!

We love that place, we go there any time we need good company

We love this place! Best German food in NYC and great atmosphere.

We love this place!!! Please don't take it away!

We LOVE this place!!!! Please LEAVE IT BE!!!

We love your restaurant and fell that the city would be less complete without it.

We love Zum Schneider -- I just took my parents there!

We love Zum Schneider, a little authentic piece of Germany in New York City!

We LOVE Zum Schneider, we come all the way from New Jersey for a taste of home

we love zum schneider. please keep it open

We meet there often when in NYC, it is friendly and unique.

We NEED a Bavarian Restaurant here

We need culturally accurate hangout!

We need more biergarten, not less!

We need this multi cultural place in the city!!!

We travel regularly to NYC to eat at Zum Schneider..We have been customers since 1998..We have recomended Zum Schneider to over 50 of our friends that regularly attend, not to mention the recommendations that they have made..It would be disastrous for the local community to evict Zum Schneider..Please allow these comments to serve notice that there should be a detailed & comprehensive examination of the impact it would have on the neighborhood, AND of the motives of the landlord..

We want Bavarian in NY!!!!

We will support you Guy's

We're staying at East Village Bed&Coffee this summer and will help you out by visiting "Zum Schneider" more than often. Thumbs up guys !!

What a crime to do this to such a fixture in this East Village neighborhood and a cultural icon. To the landlords I ask, have you no sense of decency?

What a great place!

What else? We have been through ENOUGH! Leave us at least one fun thing to do. Dont close Zum Schneider. And think of it, the place is still going strong after all these years...good for the economy...

What will happen to Ave. C? Please, please do not close Zum Schneider! It's the best summertime hang out!

What would i do without it in the summers !!

What would NYC do without Oktoberfest and Fasching?

What, the HFDC finally got a big enough bribe to put a Prada boutique in the spot or something? There was NOTHING on this block but junkies 7 years ago.

When visiting our daughter who lives near by, we enjoy having dinner at Zum Schneider. We find Zum to be a wonderful experience and a good place to have good German food and drinks.

Where am I supposed to meet w/ all my German friends living in NYC, if we are homesick???

Where else can one get such a fine Kolsch so close to their home!

where else would you watch soccer? Such a great place to me and my friends!!!

where will all of the pretzel loving alcoholics go?

While it is the landlord's right to choose to not lease to Zum Schneider; I hope he will allow the institution to stay open. I spend a lot of time in the east village and Zum Schneider is one of the best places.

Why are you closing it? To open an Applebee's? That is just criminal!

why evict a thriving, community friendly tennant?

Why try to close something that everyone loves.

Why would you ever close this place?

With so many good places disappearing, it would be a shame to lose this one.

With success come the extorters. Its happening all over NYC. Shame on the Housing Development Fund Corp for facilitating the landlords money-grab. Great beer!! Best of luck in your fight.

Without more, one wonders the reason for an eviction. This place is a melting pot for Europeans and supports the exchange of ideas in a cool, laid back atmosphere. What is wrong with the establishment. The Supreme Court should deny with prejudice the abominable petition to evict the tenant.

Wonderful food, beer, ambiance, women

Wonderful restaurant. The neighborhood needs it!

Would be a shame if Zum Schneider is forced out.

Would be a terrible loss, we need more german places not less

would be nice to see some loyaliy and considration shown to those who have made that neighborhood what it is now.

Wunderbar! Ein Bayer in New York! Hervorragend präsentiert!

yay for beer!

Yes shut them down. Then they could move to Atlantic City where we need them

You can't leave us!!!

you feel like back in Germany at "Zum Schneider", and we don't like to miss that!!!!

You guys are nuts to try to close this place. It's really all about the rent. I don't believe the co-op board for one minute when they say rent has nothing to do with this.

You must not close ZUM SCHNEIDER

Zum has improved its neighborhood immensely

Zum is a vibrant, civilized meeting place. Viva Zum.

Zum is an establishment which encourages both friends and family and is my favorite restaurant in manhattan

Zum is not only a neighborhood institution, it is a jewel of the island. I never dare visit Manhattan without a visit to Zum! Let the Hef flow I say!

Zum is one of my favorite places for a casual beer with friends... please don't take it away!`

Zum is Yum!

Zum just gets better and better every year- and with summer approaching I have plans to be a frequent visitor, beers, great food, world cup games- can't beat it!

Zum schinneder is part of our lower east side,

zum schnedier is a wonderful restaurant and a great addition to our neighborhood!

Zum Schneider took a chance on Ave C when it was still sketchy, no chichi restaurants and bars, and no condos for sale for more than 1/2 million dollars. So now, as the neighboorhood has vastly improoved, in part because of Zum Schneider as well as others, the landlord would like to increase his rent income? He should have to honor his contract just like any decent citizen.

Zum Schneider can't be evicted. It's the only place to go in both the nice or poor weather and

Zum Schneider contributes a very unique experience/character to this neighborhood - in fact, there is none like it in all of Manhattan. Their removal would be a serious loss to the area and to the world of great beer and German food.

Zum Schneider fits my neighborhood perfectly. Replacing it would be a travesty.

Zum Schneider has already become an institution for my circle of friends and (mostly German) co-workers. Help!

ZUM SCHNEIDER has become a neighborhood institution.

Zum Schneider has been a great addition to a neighborhood that needed just that!

Zum Schneider helped the neighborhood to become more attractive and appealed to all types of people to come and enjoy the place, which is different from other places in the city.

Zum Schneider is a class act all the way. This is a bogus eviction attempt.

Zum Schneider is a cultural institution vital to the neighborhood's character. It's truly one of a kind and it would be a crime to evict them.

Zum Schneider is a cultural institution with regards to food, dance & music. This is our little, yet valuable piece of Germany. Please don't take this away from us.

Zum Schneider is a fixture in the neighborhood and deserves to be treated as such.

Zum Schneider is a gem on Avenue C, and is one of the quietest establishments in the neighborhood at a time when yuppie disco bars are spreading like a plague.

Zum Schneider is a good neighborhood family establishement - the East Village needs more of this type of business.

Zum Schneider is a great place and very important for the German speaking community in NYC.

Zum Schneider is a great place to enjoy great German food and drinks. I would be a shame for New York to loos this place.

Zum Schneider is a great place, delicious, organized and respectful for the neighbourhood. The landlords probably just want to get more rent...are they expecting to get an American Apparel store in there or a Wholefoods ???? don't let them ruin what's still left from the hood!!!

Zum Schneider is a great restaurant and a cultural institution.

Zum Schneider is a landmark restaurant. It is vital to the neiborhood.

Zum Schneider is a landmark that would be missed by all

zum schneider is a necessity

Zum Schneider is a neighborhood institution, and it should be allowed to continue to enhance the lives of its patrons!

Zum Schneider is a New York institution!!

Zum Schneider is a NYC landmark. There is not another place like it in the city. Keep it's doors open!

Zum Schneider is a one-of-a-kind, and the mere thought of removing such a wonderful part of the community is a travesty! Save Zum Schneider! I wish we could have a place like this in Atlanta...

Zum Schneider is a quality place of business and it would be a shame to see it close as it's a very unique and pleasant bar/restaurant like no other.

Zum Schneider is a responsible, reputable establishment that has done wonderful things for the neighborhood. I have met several wonderful people there over the years, including my girlfriend(!), and don't think that it should be evicted. Thank you.

Zum Schneider is a staple for those interested in German food, beer, and culture. Many teachers of German, including myself, bring students there for the cultural and linguistic experience.

Zum Schneider is a symbol of NY's cultural diversity. Please preserve the fabric of NY.

Zum Schneider is a true landmark that is key to the exchange between American and German cultures. In addition, Zum Schneider offers the most authentic German cuisine in NYC.

Zum Schneider is a unique and treasured community space. New York needs more places like this, not less.

Zum Schneider is a valuable addition to Alphabet City's culture, one I have been enjoying since it opened.

Zum Schneider is a very friendly place with a good family atmosphere. It would be a real shame for the neighborhood to loose this establishment

Zum Schneider is a very special land mark in New York, with great food, drinks, and service

Zum Schneider is a vibrant and vital part of this community. It might be loud and merry, but it is family friendly and responsible, unlike many of the clubs that breed only violence and drug use. We are convinced that some compromise must exist. Establishments like this one should be encouraged to stay in the neighborhood.

Zum Schneider is a vital link in the German ex-patriate and beer-lover communities.

zum schneider is a wonderful e.vil institution

Zum Schneider is a wonderful establishment that adds cultural value to NYC.

Zum Schneider is a wonderful neighborhood cafe/beer garden, welcoming to all, and a great place to go to as a German expat, esp. during Carneval.

Zum Schneider is a wonderful restaurant and should be allowed to stay open

Zum Schneider is an alphabet city institution; great addition to promoto a lively and respectful, neighborly community

Zum Schneider is an asset to our neighborhood.

Zum Schneider is an asset to the community

Zum Schneider is an east village staple and should not be evicted. It is accused of "attracting vermin" which would only be true if you consider east village yuppies and well to dos "vermin." It blocks no apartment entrances and I have never seen anyone have trouble getting into any doorway nearby. The excessive noise complaint is baseless, especially in the winter when no one is outside. It's outdoor seating is no louder than any other outdoor cafe, and it is one of the few places in the east village that provides a laid back facility for enjoying the weather and a quality beer. It is my firm belief that Zum Schneider is partially responsible for the renaissance of avenue C. It would be a great loss to the neighborhood to lose it to baseless charges.

Zum Schneider is an excellent example of the culturally diverse place that is new york city. getting rid of it would be a great loss to the neighborhood and the whole city.

Zum Schneider is an excellent restaurant and a benefit to the Lower East Side community.

Zum Schneider is an important and unique establishment in New York City.

Zum Schneider is an important gathering place and a cultural gem in the rapidly homogenizing East Village. Keep it open!

Zum Schneider is an important part of Alphabet City

Zum Schneider is an important part of our neighborhood and a rare gathering place for Germans in New York City. It deserves to be preserved.

Zum Schneider is an institution

Zum Schneider is an INSTITUTION in Manhattan's Lower East Side. It has drawn people of many cultures and continents, as well as residents of the surrounding area closer together. Closing it down would be an utter shame ! In the year of the Soccer World Cup no less. Zum Schneider must stay open for business!

Zum Schneider is an institution in the East Village and goes a long way to giving the neighborhood the character that makes it so special.

Zum Schneider is an NYC institution. I know plenty of people who travel long distances specifically to spend quality time there and enjoy Alphabet City. If Zum Schneider is evicted, New York will lose not only an important piece of culture, but also some of its character.

Zum Schneider is and has been a vibrant part of the neighborhood since the day it opened.

Zum Schneider is great! My German class likes to go there. Please save it.

Zum Schneider is in no way a problem in our neighborhood.

Zum Schneider is invaluable to Foreign Language and Culture Teaching

Zum Schneider is known nationwide - whenever I travel to NYC I have to visit!!

Zum Schneider is like my second home - and such a great landmark in the East village.

Zum Schneider is more than a restaurant - it is an institution that belongs to the East Village as much as Tompkins Square Park and St Mark's Place. To close it now would be an unnecessary and ill-spirited move, serving only to impoverish a unique and remarkable area.

Zum Schneider is my favorite East Village place.

Zum Schneider is one of a kind, leave it be please.

zum schneider is one of a kind.

Zum Schneider is one of my favorite German Restaurants in the city. Where would I go if not there for great German food and atmosphere

Zum Schneider is one of the best establishments in the east village, it must stay!!

Zum Schneider is one of the best German places and most authentic in New York.

Zum Schneider is one of the best German restaurant and bar in all of New York City. Please do not evict them.

Zum Schneider is one of the best restaurants in New York. It's a focal point for the German expat community and anyone interested in German culture.

Zum Schneider is one of the few links connecting NY and Germany. It should stay!

Zum Schneider is one of the few traditional Bavarian biergartens / restaurants in New York. To lose it would be a loss for not only the East Village, but the entire city.

Zum Schneider is one of the main attractions of N.Y.C. !

Zum Schneider is one of the only places where I feel like I am back at home in Germany. It's a piece of German culture.

Zum Schneider is one of the places I show people when they visit me in NYC

Zum Schneider is one of the reasons Avenue C is a viable nightspot. To evict it is to tell those who want to start up restaurants in underserved neighborhoods that eventually, they will just be supplanted by big business

Zum Schneider is run by responsible and fun people, though I am not German I was treated very well and was able to experience such a fantastic mix of German culture in such a bohemian neighborhood. Please, don't let it close down!

Zum Schneider is single-handledly responsible for making the blocks surrounding the destination that they are today. It is always a pleasure to visit Zum Schneider and is a top 3 go-to place every weekend.

Zum Schneider is such a good place, I make sure to take everyone that visits NY there at least once.

zum schneider is the best bar in nyc

Zum Schneider is the BEST German bar/restaurant. I could not imagine New York without it!!!!

Zum Schneider is the best German restaurant in NYC. Home away from home. It'd be a real loss to the city's international restaurant scene and to the East Village. Keep it open!

Zum Schneider is the best thing about living in Alphabet City!

Zum Schneider is the best thing to ever happen to Avenue C - please don't make them leave!!!

Zum Schneider is the best, most unique thing about that neighborhood. Eviction would be crazy and unjust considering Schneider helped improve the area

Zum schneider is the center of the German ex-pat community for 100 miles around. It is a unique cultural institution.

Zum Schneider is the most authentic German restaurant I have experienced in this country. I have taken my wife and children to it many times and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Having traveled widely thoughout Germany, I believe Zum Schneider to be the true expression of this culture. I will be devasted if this wonderful addition to the East Village is closed. It is a positive addition to its neighborhood and I strongly urge that good sense triumphs over greed. May Zum Schneider stay open!

Zum Schneider is the most welcoming and friendly place in the city! Once you have experienced it, you can't imagine the city without it.

Zum Schneider is the only reason I go to Alphabet City!

Zum Schneider is the type of restaurant that makes up the fabric of life in New York. There is no reason to evict a tenant such as this.

Zum Schneider is unique in the city of New York and must remain!

Zum Schneider is very important to the German American community.

Zum Schneider is, and has always been, an asset to our neighborhood.

Zum Schneider is, hands down, the best bar in NYC.

Zum Schneider ist zer gut!!

Zum Schneider keeps Germans off the streets

Zum Schneider must stay. There is no authentic german eateries left in new york city. Rolfs has a bunch of mexicans serving the dinner and people who don't even speak german.

Zum Schneider opened when Ave C & 7th, was a less than desireable area. Due to its sucess it has helped promote & gentrify the neighborhood. It should be allowed to remain as it has become an institution of international fame! Keep ZS!

Zum Schneider ought to remain as it has been since its inception as an urban pioneer. Allowing its eviction on spurious grounds will not only be a slap in the face of exactly the sort of urban entreprenurialism NYC should be fostering, it would also send a clear message deterring any other mixed residential urban renewal development efforts. I used to live in the area and still make it a point to visit Zum Schneider whenever I visit NYC.

Zum Schneider plays an indispensible role as meeting point for the German-speaking & Central European ex-pat community in NYC. There is no other Bavarian beer garden/saloon in the city; what ever happened to supporting "diversity"?

Zum Schneider provides an important cultural insight into the way of German "Gemuetlichkeit" that many Americans are seeking, but rarely find. Zum Schneider enables this experience right here in the East Village and should therefore stay.

Zum Schneider really adds to the character of downtown.

Zum Schneider tiene que ser en Loisaida

Zum Schneider to close? Who is the silly person who wants to do that to such a fine establishment?

Zum Schneider truly is a jewel amoung the city's restaurants, and it would be a loss to all of it's denizen's to see it go. Atmosphere cannot successfully be manufactured, as we see with Times Square and other redevelopments, which is why it is so critical that we hang on to the city's established institutions.

Zum Schneider: authentic beer, authentic food, and authentic people. It's a rare combination in Manhattan that must live on!

Zum Schneider's is a favorite spot of ours!

Zum Schneider's is an important part of the neighborhood. It is friendly, welcoming, and unique.

zum schneiders is part of the neighborhood. leave it be!

zum schneiders is well liked in the community. We give full support .

Zum Schneider's represents a part of NYC history. It was one of the only places to go to in Alphabet City for quite sometime. It is a complete travisty if we let greed run them out too. Please don't force them out.

Zum Schnider is my favorite restaurant in the whole city!

Zum Schnieder is a unique, well run and friendly place that helps make up the diverse cultural fabric of New York. I enjoy going there and have patronized it for 5 years - it was the only decent destination in that area then. It really is an asset to the neighborhood and NY.

Zums goes... I go.

Zum's has been a regular watering hole when I visit family in NYC. There's no place like it to share an afternoon with friends and family.

Zum's is a neighborhood staple. Avenue C needs Zum Scnheider's

Zums is my favorite place in the city...hands down...SAVE ZUMS!!!!

ZumSchneider must stay a word from a vet of the afgan war