Since I came to the US as a musician, it should come as no surprise that I had to start my own house band for Zum Schneider. You will find our energetic, modern Oompah band “Moesl-Franzi and the JaJaJas” hard at work for all festivals at Zum Schneider in NYC or Montauk, such as Maifest, our anniversary celebration, Oktoberfest, as well as various other occasions like beer-tastings or birthday parties.
The JaJaJas play a combination of authentic material from the turn of the century, contemporary Oktoberfest hits and our own songs which you can find on our CD called “blow music”. Check out some of our tracks here. We tour occasionally to Philadelphia, North Carolina, Virginia and other East Coast destinations.
When the JaJaJas take the stage you’re guaranteed a party, with dancing, clapping and singing until you drop.
If you interested in hiring the band, please contact

Sylvester Schneider – Owner and Frontman