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The winner of our online betting game - Rainer Kraft! Congratulations!

Day of the Final - The night before, and the game (thanks to Philipp Encz!)

Day of the Final - The game

Day of the Final - The party

"What became apparent in the past month is that there needs to be a developmental boot camp for soccer announcing."

Read this article in the New York Times about the failure of ESPN and ABC to broadcast the World Cup appropriately, and why Univision gained so many followers (including Zum Schneider).

Pick and Win Game -
the winners:

1. Rainer Kraft, 1995pt.
2. Thomas Plummer, 1945pt.
3. Lars Halter, 1930pt.

Germany vs.
South Korea


Triumphal Ride

More photos and videos:

Germany - USA
photos I
photos II
The Video!
Thanks to Marc Labitzky

Mexico - USA

Germany vs. Paraguay




GErmany - Saudi-Arabia


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World Cup 2002

Thanks to all visitors of the restaurant and website for being such great guests and making the World Cup 2002 a wonderful and joyful experience!

Congratulations, Brazil!


Zum Schneider World Cup Final

limited edition, for sale. Price $20, ask the bartender.

Bernd Schneider | Nr. 25
Position: Mittelfeld

Geburtsdatum: 17.11.1973
Nationalität: Deutschland
Größe: 1,76 m
Gewicht: 74 kg
Hobbys: Computerspiele, Trabrennen
Familienstand: ledig
Im Verein seit: 01.07.1999
Bisherige Vereine: Eintracht Frankfurt, Carl Zeiss Jena, Aufbau Jena
Größte sportliche Erfolge: Nationalspieler


Nichts fuer ungut, Amerika!
Report aus Zum Schneider vom Spiel Deutschland-USA

June 22, 2002

Day for German Pride,
and Worries

"(...) The squeeze was worth it. (...)" (full article)

Zum Schneider Fussball party featured in

Oliver Kahn Screensaver!


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GRAND PRIZE: Zum Schneider sponsors a party at Zum Schneider for the winner and 10 of his friends, including free beer and one Dinner meal for each person. Limitations at the discretion of Zum Schneider apply. Tip is not included!

SECOND PLACE: The winner will receive free beer for one night. Tip is not included!

THIRD PLACE: One Wiener Schnitzel. Tip is not included!

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Pick and Win Game -
the winners:

1. Rainer Kraft, 1995pt.
2. Thomas Plummer, 1945pt.
3. Lars Halter, 1930pt.

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