small 0.3l / regular 0.5l / large 1.0l

Seasonal specials on tap:

Paulaner Salvator
Doppelbock, 7.9 % vol.

This is the original Paulaner, the founding beer of Paulaner. The Salvator Double Bock is a bottom-fermented beer and has been brewed in almost exactly the same way since the end of the 18th century. It combines the most delicate of hops and dark barley malt to give a strong, characteristically malty taste and an inviting, gleaming copper colour.

The Paulaner monks drank Salvator Double Bock as a substitute for food during Lent. The most famous brewer of all was Brother Barnabas who ran the Paulaner monastery brewery starting in 1773. To this day, his original recipe remains almost unaltered.

Hofbräuhaus Traunstein

New bottled beers:

Kyritzer Schwarzbock 'Mord & Totschlag'
Silky, smooth with dark cacao notes
0.5 L bottle, 7,2% - $ 9

Original Ritterguts Gose
traditional Leipziger, light-refreshing, sour-beer
0.5 L bottle, 4,2% - $ 12


Andechs beers offered for the first time
in the U.S., and exclusively at Zum Schneider:


Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel
A dark copper-colored beer with full body
and velvet-rich malt aroma,
plus notes of cocoa and slight hop bitterness

Andechs Vollbier Hell
A classic Bavarian lager with clean, fresh nose of malt and hops
and mild sweetness balanced by delicate hop bitterness

Andechs Weissbier
A naturally cloudy, top-fermented Bavarian wheat beer
with slight honey sweetness and elegant acidity

Andechs Dunkles Weissbier
A dark wheat beer with a harmonious nose of banana,
pineapple, caramel and chocolate and a soft, refreshing finish.


Exclusively at Zum Schneider

Please note that the tap list is subject to change.
Last update: July 8, 2013

Wheat / Ale

Schneider Weisse 6/8/16
Amber, smooth & rich, low carbonation

Aventinus 6/8/16
Schneider’s Doppelbock wheat beer, dark, strong & sweet

Reissdorf Kölsch 4/7
Cologne’s typical light, refreshing beer


Hofbräuhaus München 4/6/12
The world famous beer from Munich

Traunsteiner 1612er Zwickel 5/7/14
Old fashioned unfiltered style, lots of vitamins

Traunsteiner Helles 5/7/14
Award winning, full bodied, light in color


Jever Pilsener 5/7/14
Clear, dry & bitter northern German Pilsner

Traunsteiner Pilsener 5/7/14
Finely hopped, well rounded, light in color

Dark and Doppelbock

Traunsteiner Dunkel 5/7/14
Fine caramel flavor, unfiltered easy sipping dark lager

Bottled Beers

Weihenstephaner Kristallweizen 7
Clear, filtered wheat beer

Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock 8
Rich and smooth lightwheat double bock

Augustiner Edelstoff 7
Munich’s favorite Lager

Lammsbräu Pilsner (0.33 l) 6
Organic pilsner

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock 8
Smoked bock beer from Bamberg

Schneider Weisse 8
Amber, smooth & rich, low carbonation

Aventinus 8
Schneider’s wheat double bock, dark, strong & sweet

We also serve:

Radler 5
Mix of beer and lemon soda

We accept cash only.
We add 20% gratuity to groups of 6 or more.
Must be 21 with ID to drink alcohol.
Our beer list is subject to change.

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Clausthaler Alkoholfrei


Non-alcoholic beer


Erdinger Weissbier


Non-alcoholic beer


Gerolsteiner Mineralwasser

sm 3 / lg 4 / bt 6

Sparkling mineral water



sm 3 / lg 6 / bt 8

Imported German Apple Spritzer


Ginger Ale, Pepsi & Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist


Must be 21 with ID to drink alcohol

Our beer list is subject to changes.

We accept CASH only!

We add 20% gratuity to groups of 6 or more.

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