Zum Schneider was opened on August 19, 2000 by Sylvester Schneider, a native of Weßling am Weßlinger See, Bavaria, and long-time resident of Alphabet City. (contact)

"I missed summers in the beergarden with friends, family and people of all kinds, coming together to relax and celebrate life. Embracing those yearnings, I created Zum Schneider".

In May 2012, Sylvester opened a sister location in Montauk, NY.

Sylvester also founded the modern Oompah band Mösl Franzi and the JaJaJa's where he is the frontman Mösl Franzi. The band performs during Oktoberfest, May Day, Anniversary Parties, and on other occasions. Please contact accordionist and band leader Benjamin Ickies if you want to do business with the band.

Zum Schneider features 12 German beers on tap, a traditional Bavarian-German menu, and seasonal specialties.

Throughout the year the restaurant opens up for popular events like Karneval, May Day, World Cup, Anniversary Party, Oktoberfest, Adventsingen, and New Year's Eve.

The restaurant and indoor biergarten continously enjoys top ratings on Yelp, at Zagat, The New York Times, Village Voice ("Best of New York"), New York Magazine (Top 5 Beer Gardens), Best Bars (Time Out NY) and many more.

Attention media: If you need high res photos for your publication, please contact us at and we'll send you the files you need within a day's notice. We kindly ask you to credit the photographer.

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Zum Schneider atmosphere
before live music starts on Oktoberfest:

Video courtesy Erwin Schaefer

Zum Schneider Hausband
Mösl Franzi and the JaJaJa's

Listen to tracks on the band's
My Space page

Email band leader/manager Benjamin Ickies

CD blowmusic available at the bar

Check out the Ja Ja Ja's on myspace

Listen to tracks on the band's My Space page

Zum Schneider FC

Zum Schneider has had a Soccer Club since 2003, the year right after the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, and it was founded by Sylvester Schneider (President) and the Manager/Coach Alexander "Kaiser" Berscheid.

The 'Zum Schneider FC' not only takes part in local New York leagues such as the Metro Soccer and the Chinatown league at Grand street, we also participate in one day tournaments, Beach soccer during the summer and indoor/futsal during the winter months.

Besides participating in these organized leagues and tournaments, we are proud to host our own Soccer Cup, the 'infamous' Schneider Cup!

For more info about FC Zum Schneider, please contact Alexander Berscheid,

Check out the Zum Schneider FC 03 on facebook

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does "Zum Schneider" mean?

"Schneider" is the last name of the founder, Sylvester, and "Zum" means "to" or "at" in English. As part of the name of a restaurant, it is the German equivalent to "Schneider's." It's pronounced "Tsoum Shnyder".

Is Sylvester Schneider affiliated
with the owners of the Schneider Weisse brewery?

Although they bear the same name and know each other, there is no family relationship, nor has Schneider Weisse ownership at Zum Schneider.

Why did Sylvester Schneider found the restaurant?

Because he was homesick. See the About section for some background information.

Does the staff speak German?

Yes, all serving staff members are fluent in German (and English).

Do you accept credit cards?

Sorry, cash only.

Do you offer other drinks besides beer?

Yes: wine, and soft drinks. Sorry, no liquor.

Can I rent the space for my private party?

For large groups you can make reservations. Please check out our reservation policy for details.

Can you please link to my website?

Please contact us here and make sure to link to us as well. You can use these standard-sized banners:

Who is th guy in the framed picture behind the bar?

King Ludwig II. von Bayern (1845-1886), the founder of Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Mailing List

You will receive invites to our next special events,
like Oktoberfest, Karneval, Maifest and more.



Zum Schneider Restaurant & Biergarten

107 Ave C @ East 7th Street
New York City, NY 10009 ( Directions)

Tel. (212) 598-1098 (weekdays after 4pm, weekends after 12pm)
Fax (212) 598-0431

Contact the owner and staff directly


Opening times:
Mondays through Thursdays 5 pm -2am
Fridays 4 pm - 4am
Saturdays 1pm - 4am (Brunch until 5pm)
Sundays 1 pm - midnight (Brunch until 5pm)

The kitchen closes at 11pm
Fridays and Saturdays at 11:30pm
Sundays at 10pm

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